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BioNanoMed 2023

BioNanoMed 2023 will highlight latest R&D results in the following areas of interest - we are looking forward to your submissions:

- Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications & Regenerative Medicine
Smart Materials for Disease Diagnosis, Medical Technology and Instruments, Stimuli-Responsive Nanomaterials, Pharmaceutical Products and Drug Delivery, Body Implants and Prosthesis, Stem Cell Regeneration, Tissue Engineering, Organ Transplantation, Bio- and Bioinspired Nanomaterials, Nanoparticles for Biology and Medicine, Nanostructured Biomaterials, Electrospinning, 3D Printing, …

- Drug Delivery and Nanotherapy
Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Theranostic Nanotechnologies, Hyperthermia Applications, Biomarkers & Targeting, Nano-Carriers, Optical Tools and Photon based Methods in Nanomedicine, Applications of Prevention and Control, Multifunctional Therapeutics, Nanosystems for Quality of Life, Disease Targets – Explored & Unexplored, …

- Nanotechnology for Imaging, Sensing and Diagnostics
Smart Biosensors and Devices, Imaging, Magnetic Materials For Imaging, Novel Imaging Nanomaterials, Point of Care Diagnostics, Magnetic Nanodevices, Nano Arrays, Nanotechnology based Molecular Diagnostics, Proteomics, Biosensors for Cell Analyzing, Chemosensors, Fluidic Sensors, Nanomaterial Characterization and Synthesis, …

- Biophysical Nanotechnology and Single-Molecule Technologies
Imaging of Live Cells and Bacteria,  Atomic Force Microscopy, Chemical Functionalization, Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy, Topography and Recognition Imaging, Scanning Microwave Microscopy, Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging, FRET Microscopy and Electrophysiology in Living Cells, Combined Atomic Force and Fluorescence Microscopy, Nanosurfaces and Interactions, …

- Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Drug Design
Drug Design, Drug Discovering, Simulations for Drug Design, Purification, Recognition, Peptide Delivery, Protein Delivery, Genetic Engineering, Genomics, Toxicity Induction by Nanomaterials, Nanorobotics, Nanopore Sequencing, Functional Nanofibers, Nanotechnology based Needle Arrays, Social and Ethical Challenges, …

Special Session:

- Lipid Nanoparticle Gene Delivery Systems and Vaccines
siRNA Therapeutics and Nanovectors, Lipid Nanostructures, Novel Gene Delivery Systems, Vaccine Technology, Nanotechnology for Therapeutic Vaccines, …


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